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The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is more of a life style than a job.

The Linguistic's interests are usually focused on ideas and information exchange. They tend to like reading a lot, and enjoy discussion about what has been said. Some will want to write about their own ideas and may follow a path towards journalism, or story writing or editing. Others will develop skills in other languages, perhaps finding work as a translator or interpreter. Most Linguistic types will enjoy the opportunity to teach or instruct people in a topic they are interested in.
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Polymer Processing Technician
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Polymer Processing Technician

A Polymer Processing Technician is concerned with setting up, starting, sustaining, monitoring, evaluating and assessing polymer processing activities.

This is one of 25 proposed apprenticeship programmes due to be launched in 2016 / 17. If successful, formal details of the proposed programmes are due to be signed off by the Apprenticeship Council in 2016 with training to be available thereafter.

Proposer /provider: Plastics Ireland

This apprenticeship programme is not yet validated. Additional information is constantly being added here, as it becomes available. Outline information is correct at August 2016.

Information update from Plastics Ireland, March 2016:

"Plastics Ireland is continuing the development of the new Polymer Processing Technician Apprenticeship for the industry. Good progress has been made and a large number of companies have been involved in the process. It is vitally important that the content and structure of the Apprenticeship is properly aligned with the needs of the industry. Plastics Ireland is partnering with IT Sligo, Athlone Institute of Technology and Mayo-Sligo-Leitrim ETB to develop and deliver the project. The professional profile of the apprentice has been developed in close cooperation with companies from across the industry and now the process has moved on to developing the detailed content of the programme.
The current schedule is to launch the Apprenticeship towards the end of this year with the first apprentices being employed by companies early in 2017. Apprentices will spend their initial months with their companies and then be released for a number of months to undertake their first period of training at one of the institutes of technology. Significant interest has been expressed by companies in taking on apprentices and it is hoped that in the region of 20 apprentices will be employed in the first enrolment. If companies are interested in taking on apprentices, they should contact Plastics Ireland for more information."

More information coming soon ...

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The Polymer Processing Technician Apprenticeship is a 3-year programme resulting in a QQI Level 6 qualification in Polymer Processing Technology awarded by the Institutes of Technology.

Apprentice training will include on-site and off-site phases with approximately 15 weeks off site each year. [Full details TBC @ May 2016]

More information coming soon ...

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An interest in working and learning in the MedTech, plastics and engineering sectors.

More information coming soon ...

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The main skills in this role are:

  • Plastics processing; moulding characteristics; engineering principles; reading of engineering drawings; thorough understanding of polymer materials and processing.
Polymer processing activities include:
  • Injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion.
  • Polymer processing equipment includes materials handling equipment, injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion equipment, tooling, robotics, metrology equipment, printing, post processing/packaging automation, clean room equipment, 3D printing/additive manufacturing and labelling equipment.
Working with Plastics processing equipment including various systems:
  • Electrical, electro-mechanical, electro-pneumatic, electronic, temperature and pressure control systems, hydraulic, and microprocessor based systems.
In order to function effectively and efficiently, the polymer processing technician must have a broad base of technical knowledge and analytical skills to cover material science, polymer processing and statistical processing control.

Also important is the ability to read technical drawings and machine data and the understand the proper use of test instruments.

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Information to follow...

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Candidates with a minimum grade 60% in Pass Mathematics or higher are sought for this role. Full Entry Requirement Details are yet TBC.

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Currently under development. It is anticipated that both individual companies and Plastics Ireland will advertise through their websites.

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There are opportunities across the Medical Devices sector in Plastics and Engineering companies for Manufacturing Technicians.

IMDA Director Sinead Keogh said: “Employment in manufacturing will be 6,000 higher this year compared to last. But, skill shortages are emerging and need to be urgently addressed. These new apprenticeships will give people new job opportunities and help drive regional growth. Manufacturing is an integral part of the Irish economy and is the second largest employer with 4,000 businesses, both home-grown and international, employing nearly 160,000 people. ” 

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Engineer - Polymer

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