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15 New Jobs with FinTech company ProSeeder

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15 New Jobs with FinTech company ProSeeder

Thursday, July 02, 2015 

15 New Jobs with FinTech company ProSeeder

15 new jobs have been announced  for Financial Software firm ProSeeder Technologies, Inc. The company will establish its first European subsidiary office in Dublin.

Minister for Business and Employment Ged Nash TD made the announcement. ProSeeder will establish a technology centre for software development activities complimented by a small sales and business development team.

ProSeeder is a provider of a customisable financial technology platform for investment firms and networks to conduct their operations related to direct investment in private securities. The platform enables organisations to effectively manage deal flow processes, vet more opportunities, conduct compliant transactions and reduce the cost of overheads.

The company will create 15 positions over the coming three years, and recruitment is already underway to expand its Software Development team in Ireland.

Details of Career Opportunities with ProSeeder are available here

ProSeeder was introduced to Ireland through ConnectIreland, the company responsible for delivering the Government’s Succeed in Ireland initiative, as part of the Action Plan for Jobs, in association with IDA Ireland.

Making the announcement, Minister Nash said: “ProSeeder is a very welcome addition to the FinTech companies who now call Dublin their European base. Our highly talented workforce and the Government’s strong support for companies who want to start and scale in Ireland were no doubt part of the reasons the team at ProSeeder chose Ireland and I want to wish Colm and Ken every success with the venture.”

Colm Browne, Director of European Operations, commented: “When we assessed where to establish our European base of operations, Dublin was a logical choice given the access to talent and the very pro-business environment in Ireland. This location will expand our support to our European clients and give us greater interaction with them as we continue to grow our business internationally.”

Ken Gatz, CEO of Proseeder Technologies, Inc commented: “ProSeeder has become a global bridge between the US and EU seed and venture investment communities. Our Dublin office will bring further collaboration between investment organisations and growing companies.” Ireland’s availability of talent and the ease of access to the EU and Eurozone were key factors in the company’s decision to locate its European operation in Ireland.

Michael McLoughlin, CEO of ConnectIreland, said: “Securing a company like ProSeeder for Ireland is a great testament to the high esteem in which Ireland is held on an international stage. We are delighted to have helped ProSeeder establish their European base in Dublin and we wish them every success in the future.

Source: ConnectIreland

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