Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Brian Howard from Department of Education and Skills to give some advice for people considering this job:


Brian Howard

Guidance Counsellor

Department of Education and Skills

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  Brian Howard

This career involves working with people in a caring capacity. If you have no interest in helping people personally or educationally then this may be the wrong profession for you.

Empathy, patience and respect are important qualities for this job, in addition to be able to relate well to the person you are dealing with. As there is also a large amount of information to be handled in the job, good organisational, IT and time management skills are also quite important.


The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with clever technology. They will often follow the latest developments in their chosen field, and prefer mentally stimulating environments.
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Teagasc to Hire 20 New Education Officers

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Teagasc to Hire 20 New Education Officers

Thursday, August 06, 2015 

Teagasc to Hire 20 New Education Officers

Teagasc has received funding to hire additional staff to deal with the volume of candidates applying to do the Green Cert.

20 new education officers will be hired in an attempt to deal with the high demand of people looking to do Level 5 and 6 agriculture courses. 

A spokesperson for Teagasc confirmed that the staff will be distributed to where the demand is most acute, in the northwest of the country. “These will be prioritised to the advisory regions and colleges where the education demand is greatest,” the spokesperson said.

Some 4,000 people have already expressed interest in the Green Cert course. The staff are likely to be hired on an 18-month or 24-month contract.

Current job opportunities (Contract - Externally Funded Non Grant-in-Aid) advertised with Teagasc include: 

  • Contract Technician - Plant Genomics
  • Contract Technologist
  • Contract Research Officer
  • Contract Agricultural Development Officer Grade I - Pig Development 

For more information including details on how to apply click here.  

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