Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Frank Morrison from Health Service Executive to give some advice for people considering this job:


Frank Morrison

Recruitment Manager

Health Service Executive

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  Frank Morrison
Be prepared for hard work.
Be a team player.
Have a good sense of humour.
Learn from your mistakes.

The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with clever technology. They will often follow the latest developments in their chosen field, and prefer mentally stimulating environments.
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Making the most of College Open Day Season

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Making the most of College Open Day Season

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 

Making the most of College Open Day Season

Guidance Counsellor Aoife Walsh takes a look at 'Getting the best out of college open days'. Here is her advice for Senior Cycle Students on advance preparation and making the most of these valuable opportunities: 

The weeks ahead are very busy with open days and similar events that allow CAO applicants to better understand the courses in which they are interested, as well as experiencing the atmosphere of different institutions.

Students have the opportunity to speak to lecturers and those already enrolled in the course. In this way, attending open days is an invaluable part of the research process.

Open days can also be extremely overwhelming. Third-level colleges are large, busy places and, without proper planning and preparation, attendance can easily become a negative experience or a missed opportunity. There are a number of easy steps a student can take to get the most out of these opportunities.

Know when they are

If students have not already done so, it is time to research when events of interest are taking place and create a personal calendar. Calendars of events can be found on and, and, perhaps, on the guidance noticeboards in school.

Try not to be restrictive. It can be beneficial to attend as many as possible. This allows students to compare institutions more easily. Many colleges hold their open days on both a Friday and Saturday. When possible, students should attend on Saturdays as it is important to avoid missing classes, especially during Leaving Cert year.

Prepare and research

Before attending, students should take time to go through the college prospectus in some detail and carefully consider the courses in which they are interested, including the pros and cons of each one and the differences between one course and similar courses. It is important for students to make a list of everything they want to find out at the event, including what is involved in any subject with which they are not familiar and how much class contact, practical work or group work is involved.

Plan the day

Before the open day, most institutions post extra information on their website, such as campus maps and lists and timings of talks and tours. Students should plan to allow time to attend the formal talks and tours, as well as time to soak up the college atmosphere. It is also important to visit the non-academic facilities such as halls of residence, gyms, etc.

Reflect, review and compare

Afterwards, students should take time to reflect, and discuss their thoughts and ideas with those closest to them. It is also important to compare what they have learned about one college with what they found at other open days.

Once students have attended a number of open days, they may find it helpful to make an appointment with their guidance counsellor to assist them in clarifying their thoughts and creating an order of preference list for their CAO.

Aoife Walsh is a Guidance Counsellor at Malahide Community School in Co. Dublin and a regular contributor to the Irish Independent Education columns.


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