Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Lisa Curry from Failte Ireland to give some advice for people considering this job:


Lisa Curry

Catering Sales Executive

Failte Ireland

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  Lisa Curry
I would advise them that the sales world is not as glamorous and easy as it comes across but it can be extremely rewarding. I would recommend you go for this type of position if you are someone who enjoys a challenge and can negotiate very well.

Sales and Catering Sales as a position is a tough one and there are a lot of challenges in that you really need to be customer focused yet remember that you have to make a profit. Selling weddings is a side of my job that is very satisfying as you get to see the end result of something that you have created which at the same time is the most important event in a families and a couple’s life.

Creative people are drawn to careers and activities that enable them to take responsibility for the design, layout or sensory impact of something (visual, auditory etc). They may be drawn towards the traditional artistic pursuits such as painting, sculpture, singing, or music. Or they may show more interest in design, such as architecture, animation, or craft areas, such as pottery and ceramics.

Creative people use their personal understanding of people and the world they live in to guide their work. Creative people like to work in unstructured workplaces, enjoy taking risks and prefer a minimum of routine.
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Explore Your Career Options in STEM

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Explore Your Career Options in STEM

Friday, December 11, 2015 

Explore Your Career Options in STEM

Many thousands of Leaving Certificate students in Ireland will be spending time over their Christmas holidays researching study and career options and trying to decide what to put on their CAO application forms.

Many of their parents will also be trying their best to give useful advice and hoping to guide their son or daughter into pathways they feel will provide them with interesting, meaningful careers, with decent job prospects.

Watch our new video on exploring career options in STEM ...

According to research carried out in 2014 by Science Foundation Ireland’s Smart Futures programme, students’ main concern when making their CAO choice is whether they will “fit in”, ranking it higher than other factors like career prospects.

So it's important that students have a chance to explore study or career paths in science, technology and engineering to prevent them from potentially dismissing them just because of perceived negative stereotypes.

Equally it's important that they experience hands-on STEM activities for themselves and talk to real people working in these roles, where they can ask practical questions and get real insights, allowing them to make informed decisions about what they'd like to do after they finish school.

Parents are encouraged to check out our parent resource section to help them to learn more about STEM and how to encourage their children to explore these options. 

While teachers and guidance counsellors are encouraged to request free career talks from STEM volunteers for their school.

A good starting point is the Smart Futures guide to STEM career routes, which outlines many career options from biotechnology to food research, programming to sports science. Click here for more information.