Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

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  Dave McDonald

A caring attitude is essential for Health and Safety – you need to be passionate about getting the message across to people and telling them why it is so important. After all, no-one wants to see anyone suffer harm or be in pain.

For astronomy, a yearning for answering the unanswered questions is a must. You also need to be dedicated and focused and not put off by the weather


Realists are usually interested in 'things' - such as buildings, mechanics, equipment, tools, electronics etc. Their primary focus is dealing with these - as in building, fixing, operating or designing them. Involvement in these areas leads to high manual skills, or a fine aptitude for practical design - as found in the various forms of engineering.

Realists like to find practical solutions to problems using tools, technology and skilled work. Realists usually prefer to be active in their work environment, often do most of their work alone, and enjoy taking decisive action with a minimum amount of discussion and paperwork.
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Car Sales Up 28 Percent Year to Date

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Car Sales Up 28 Percent Year to Date

Wednesday, April 06, 2016 

Car Sales Up 28 Percent Year to Date

New Car & Commercial Vehicle Sales are continuing to perform strongly, with car sales up 28% year to date.

Official statistics released by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) show that new car registrations for the month of March were up 14% (21,597) compared to March 2015 (18,933).

Total new car registrations year to date (82,882) are currently 28% ahead of the same period last year (64,519). Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), were up 21% (3,435) compared to March 2015 (2,838), with registrations up 34% (13,461) year to date.

With HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) showing March registrations (312) were up 29% compared to the same month last year (241) and are up 63% year to date. Commenting on the figurers SIMI Director General Alan Nolan said “The increase in new car sales has continued for the month of March.

While the stats show a lower percentage increase for the month it is important to put this into context, as the sales period for March 2016 had two trading days less than in 2015, with Easter having fallen in April last year.

Even with this, the increase in sales across all sectors has continued upwards and it is encouraging to see consumers and businesses investing in their vehicles again."

Employment Opportunities

This growth in car sales is making a significant contribution to employment, with motor industry employment standing at 44,700, including an additional 5,600 jobs (CSO Q2) created in 2015.

The outlook for the industry in 2016 is positive, with economic indicators likely to further improve. The Society of the Irish Motor Industry says that new car sales in 2016 could reach 150,000, with predictions for an additional 3,250 jobs to be created in business roles, sales and servicing. Apprenticeship opportunities for Motor Mechanics are steadily coming on stream.

Video: Apprenticeships in the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI)