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United NationsTraining School
Defence Forces Ireland 


One week in November 


United Nations Training School 

Curragh Camp 

County Kildare 
Offer Preferences  One week continuous

School Programme 

Company/Organisation Profile 

The Defence Forces’ mission is: “To contribute to the security of the State by providing for the military defence of its territorial integrity and to fulfill all roles assigned by Government, through the deployment of well-motivated and effective Defence Forces.” When not actually engaged in operations, the object is to train in order to achieve the degree of operational effectiveness, which our ethos and our assigned roles demand.

The Defence Forces consist of a Permanent Defence Force (PDF) and a Reserve Defence Force (RDF). The former is a standing force and provides the primary capabilities for joint military operations at home and combined military Peace Support Operations abroad. Members of the PDF serve overseas with the United Nations on peace keeping missions. Some of the missions where personnel are serving are Kosovo, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the Congo.

The RDF provides the necessary contingent conventional military capability to augment and assist the PDF, when necessary. The Permanent Defence Force consists of an Army, an Air Corps and a Naval Service.

The Permanent Defence Forces (PDF) has strength of approximately 9,500 personnel. These personnel are based throughout the State. The Government has assigned roles to the Defence Forces, which include the defence of the State from armed aggression.


Placement Details 

To mark the 60th anniversary of Ireland joining the United Nations The Defence Forces are inviting transition year students from ten schools to visit our United Nations Training School Ireland, Curragh Camp Co. Kildare between Monday 09 and Friday 12 November to learn about the United Nations and Ireland's contribution to world peace since 1955.

During that week two schools per day can attend a seminar where students will learn about the origin and early years of the UN, Ireland's peacekeeping experiences, the humanitarian and civilian dimensions of the UN and the challenges the UN faces into the future.

Students will receive a certificate of attendance from the United Nations Training School Ireland.

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