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How to become a Construction Studies or DCG Teacher

Do you have a passion for studying Construction Studies or Design and Communication Graphics? Have you ever thought about pursuing a career teaching these subects at second level? 

GMIT Letterfrack offer a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Education (Design Graphics and Construction) which qualifies graduates to teach Construction Studies and Design & Communication Graphics to Leaving Certificate honours standard and to teach Materials Technology (Wood) and Technical Graphics to Junior Certificate honours standard in all Irish second-level schools. 

CAO Code GA980

Why study a BSc in Education?
If you enjoy Construction Studies or Design and Communication Graphics and are thinking about post-primary teaching as a career option, then this programme is custom made to satisfy your interests. This highly specialised course provides you with a unique learning opportunity with an excellent balance between in-class theory and carefully designed projects and assignments, ensuring that you can engage with the subject matter in a meaningful and comprehensive way.

Small group sizes as well as the use of innovative teaching techniques will make for a varied and stimulating learning experience. In first and second year there is a strong focus on construction studies skills with students undertaking a range of design-led projects using a range of interesting hardwoods and other materials. Equally, drawing skills, design process and CAD all incorporated into the programme at an early stage.

School Placements each year provide students with real-life experience of the classroom and an understanding of the role of the teacher in a structured and supportive way. Lesson plans, critical reflections and classroom management techniques are developed and students prepare their ePortfolio as they progress through the programme. In years three and four students undertake extended School Placement blocks supported by GMIT lecturers and staff in the school.

What are my career opportunities?
Graduates are qualified to teach Construction Studies and Design & Communication Graphics to Leaving Certificate honours standard and to teach Materials Technology (Wood) and Technical Graphics to Junior Certificate honours standard in all Irish second-level schools. Graduates also choose to teach overseas and this qualification is recognised in many countries worldwide. The balance of technical skills, subject knowledge, professional studies and pedagogy ensure that make graduates are equipped to become excellent teachers.

Read what some of the GMIT Letterfrack past students have to say ...

Graduate - Anthony Timoney, Teacher.
During my time as a student of the programme I was equipped with the tools of the teaching profession and consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to be educated there as a student teacher. The modern and well-equipped campus, the approachability of lecturers and support staff as well as the careful integration and practical application of all lecture content made for an extremely comfortable and supportive learning environment. Especially enjoyable were the carefully planned and supported school placements where we got the chance to practice our newly acquired skills in a real-world setting.

Graduate - Paula Gormley, Teacher.
I studied to become a teacher in GMIT Letterfrack, which is situated in a small, vibrant village at the foot of Connemara National Park. I graduated from the BSc in Education in 2011. I really enjoyed this course and the facilities in Letterfrack are remarkable, from the computer labs to the bench room and the micro-teaching lab. As there is such a small number of students, so you have the opportunity to make really good friends and get more one to one time with lecturers, which is especially useful when it comes to continuous assessment and exams. I would recommend this programme to anyone who has an interest in becoming a teacher in the technical subjects.

Since graduating I have been working full time. I find teaching most rewarding. I owe this success to my lecturers for giving me all the help they did and providing me with the tools to pass on my love for the technical subjects to my students.