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Change of Mind

The CAO Change of Mind form is a form that allows you to change your mind about what CAO courses you have applied for. You can make changes to your applications at various points throughout the year (The paper application option is now closed) but the online change of mind facility is open from 5th May - 1st July.

It is free to submit a Change of Mind form. You can make as many changes to the change of mind for as you want between 5th May (12.00) and 1st July (17.15). Change of Mind forms cannot be submitted to the CAO by fax.

The form works the same way as the regular CAO form, so it is important that you list your courses in order of preference (i.e. the ones you want most at the start) and not based on how many points you think you’ll get. It is also important to remember that the Change of Mind form cancels out your previous application form.

Restricted application courses cannot be added for the first time to a Change of Mind form. You also cannot enter any mature applicant course codes for nursing. Students outside the EU, mature students and transfer applicants may not be able to use the Change of Mind form and should instead contact the admissions office of their course of choice.

Once you enter choices in your Change of Mind form, you will receive a revised Statement of Course Choice confirming that your new choices have been entered into your record. For online changes, you should receive an email with an acknowledgement of the edits you made. For paper applicants, this revised statement is issued after the 1st of June. If you do not receive such a statement before the 7th of July, then contact CAO immediately with proof of your Change of Mind form.

Important dates for your diary

July 1st 17:15 Change of mind closes for first time CAO applicants.
July 7th You should receive your revised statement of course choices. If the list does not arrive or there are errors or ommissions in it then contact CAO immediately as August will be too late.
Mid August Leaving Certificate results issued.
August 17th Round 1 offers.
August 24th Closing date for acceptance of Round 1 offers.
August 26th Round 2 offers.
September 2nd Closing date for acceptance of Round 2 offers.
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