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The Psychology of Happiness

The 5 Skills That Will Increase Your Happiness

6th Years

Filling in your CAO


Ucas Tarriff Revised Leaving Certificate Points Scale.

Getting-in The UK's Leading Educational Website

Check out if considering applying to UCAS

Where have girls in Beaufort previously applied to for UCAS?

Subject Choice

This Subject

Parent information

Transition to second level

Internet Safety

Parents "Get with it Guide to Cyberbullying"

A Parent and Student Guide to Further and Higher Education

Parents guide to CAREER GUIDANCE


CAO Courses

Points Calculator

CAO points by year

Subject choice

Leaving Cert Subject Choice

Junior Cert Subjects : Fact Sheets

1st yrs

Information on Subject choices for 2nd year

Parents Section

Parents Guide to - Career Guidance

Parents Guide to - After the Leaving Certificate - What now?

Parents Guide to - Exam Stress - Help for Parents


UCAS Flow chart of Application Procedure

UCAS -Personal Stataement - What to include

UCAS - Personal Statement Mind Map

Personal Statement

Senior Cycle Options

TY, LCVP, LCA or LCE - Your Guide to Choosing the Senior Cycle Path

Subject Choice Power Point Presentation and Form 2019

Senior Cycle Subjects - An Overview

Senior Cycle Subject Choice - Language & Science

Leaving Cert Subjects and Grades

LC Subjects-The Irish Times

FAQ's Subject Choice

Options Presentations & Subject Choice Form Archive

Careers News


Crisis shortage of Civil Engineering graduates in Ireland

The Lir Academy - Trinity College Dublin

The Internet of Things Explained

Career Check list for Senior Cycle Students

Is Computer Science for you?
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