Guide to Self-Assessment

Self assessment is the process of gathering information about yourself in order to help you make decisions based on a good self-understanding. It is the first step of the Career Planning process and is often conducted with the help of a Career Guidance professional.

Career self assessment is designed to assess those attributes of a person that matter for a successful and fulfilling career. There are many such attributes, and so there are many self assessment tools. Many of these tools are available online. Some are free, others require payment before you can receive the results of the test. In all cases, tests are best used to assist you in gaining clarity about yourself. They are starting points only, as several tests are needed to build a picture big enough to represent you well.

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  • Join CareersPortal to create your own personal Career File. You can then store the results of any assessments you complete (including those you complete on other websites) into your CareerFile using the Career Pad App - simply paste in the results. This way you can keep a handy record of your work.
  • When choosing a career direction it is vital to understand what you are interested in. You can take the Careers Portal Interest-Profiler (CPIP) to measure the relative strengths of your interests.
  • Having the right personality for the job can help enormously. Personality is a very complex thing to measure. To help you find a career that suits your personal traits you can take our free personality self-assessment when you login to your Career File.
  • Career Skills are important in any workplace. They are not the specific knowledge based skills you would learn in college or at work, but the skills which we all need to use when we work on projects with other people or by ourselves. You can download and complete the Career Skills Profiler to rate yourself on the most sought after skills in the modern workplace.

Online Resources

Finding Potential - Free Psycometric Tests 
  Free access to industry standard assessments that include: two personality questionnaires, two 360's, two sifting questionnaires for sales & administrative roles and an individual engagement questionnaire.
123 Test 
  Free IQ tests, career tests, and personality tests. All tests are designed to help you find serious answers to your questions about IQ, personality, or career assessment.
Holland Interest Profiler 
  Official O*Net test used widely in the USA to determine your career interests. Matches to careers from the O*Net database. Note: The Interest Profiler on this site is more advanced and links to an Irish database.

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