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The Leaving Cert Appeals Process 2019

Find out about script viewing, submitting an appeal, and what happens once you receive the result of your appeal.

The Leaving Cert Appeals Process 2019

Leaving Cert Results Guide
To explore our Leaving Cert Results - Your Next Steps guide, click here.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Leaving Certificate examination scripts are marked. Given that this is such a massive operation, it is inevitable that there will be a small number of errors in the marking of scripts. Due to these inevitable operational errors, there is a process by which students may appeal their results if they feel that they have not received the appropriate mark. The Appeals process ensures that students receive a fair and accurate grade based on their exam performance.

Viewing Your Script
Before the applications to appeal exam results open, students are given the option to apply to view their scripts. Viewing a script is recommended prior to appealing the result. One of the main benefits of viewing a script is that is can give a student clarity on their performance in the exam and they can see where they gained and lost marks. By viewing the mark allocation, students are in a better position in terms of determining whether they feel they should make an appeal.

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) will provide two script-viewing services:

  • in schools for subjects marked on paper
  • online for subjects marked online (students viewing scripts online will be given access through the Candidate Self-Service Portal)

Advice for Script Viewing Day

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras are now permitted in the viewing session. Students are permitted to take photographs of their script/s only. Pens and pencils are still forbidden. Given the length of the exam scripts and the fact that pens and pencils are not permitted in the viewing centre, it can be a challenge to record everything on the Form AP1. (AP1 forms are candidate observation forms. They are available on request at the viewing session). Candidates are also permitted to bring one person (usually a parent or teacher) into the viewing centre with them.

  • Bring a mobile phone/ tablet/ digital camera to take an image or your script
  • Leave a sheet of paper and pen (as well as your Form AP1) outside the viewing centre.
  • If you discover an error in marking, leave the viewing centre and record both the number of the question and the answer that you are disputing.
  • Note the reason why you are disputing the marks for your answer, on your rough paper. e.g. Question 9 (d) All points on the marking scheme are covered; only 9 out of 12 marks scored.
  • Repeat the process as many times as are required for as long as it takes you to go through your exam paper.
  • Return your exam paper and marking scheme to the Superintendent at the viewing centre.
  • Transcribe your notes from the rough paper onto Form AP1 and request that it accompany your appeal application.

Script Viewings
will take place during the following sessions:

  • Tuesday the 20th of August from 5pm - 8pm
  • Wednesday the 21st of August from 9am - 12pm
  • Wednesday the 21st of August from 2pm - 5pm

Important: You must apply to view your script using the Candidate Self-Service Portal. You can access this portal here. This year, applications to view LC exam scripts open at 9am on Wednesday the 14th of August and they close at 5pm on Friday the 16th of August.

Appealing a Grade
In order to appeal a grade, candidates must submit an application through the Candidate Self-Service Portal. Students need their exam number and pin to access the appeals applications form.

Appeal applications open at 5pm on Friday the 16th of August and close at 5pm on Thursday the 22nd of August.

Fee: There is a fee of €40 for each (Leaving Cert Established) exam appealed. The fee for LCA subjects is €15.50. The appeal fee is payable in advance but is refunded if the appeal is successful.

Results of appeals will be issued in the week ending Friday the 20th of September.

Once you have submitted your application to appeal your grade, your paper will be marked again by a different examiner. The examiner must also respond to any issues raised by the candidate in the AP1 form.

After the appeals results are issued, candidates are entitled to view their scripts again, including the responses recorded by the appeal examiner. If the candidate is still unhappy with their grade and feels that they should have received a higher one, they can appeal to a panel of Independent Appeal Scrutineers. The candidate can then raise concerns regarding the marking of their paper/s with the panel.

Note: Candidates should note that it is possible to be downgraded when appealing a result. This is because the appeals process exists to ensure the marking scheme has been adhered to. However, the number of downgrades is normally quite low.

If the Appeal is Successful
The SEC will inform the CAO directly of all changes in results. This year, the results of the appeals will be released towards the end of September, rather than the middle of October, so if a student receives a later offer after an appeal, then a transfer will be less disruptive than it was previously.

If you have requested to appeal some of your Leaving Certificate examinations, and if your results are changed on appeal, your position on the Order of Merit list will be altered to reflect your new points score. If you are deemed entitled to a place on a course based on your upgraded Leaving Certificate results you will receive an offer. If all of the places for that course have already been allocated, you will receive a deferral of the offer for the following academic year. The decision to offer a place is made by the HEI in question and not the CAO.

Useful Links
To learn more about the appeals process, visit the Leaving Cert Appeals section of our Leaving Cert Guide here.
See the Leaving Certificate 2019 - Candidate Information Booklet here.

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