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How to become a National Tour Guide

Find out how to become a tour guide, including where to study and what you'll learn

How to become a National Tour Guide

Are you passionate about Ireland's history, culture and heritage? Do you consider yourself a people person? Have you ever thought about becoming a National Tour Guide? If not, then you definitely should! Tour Guiding is the perfect role for social butterflies who just can't get enough of Ireland's top attractions. 

It's never been easier to combine your love for Ireland's legendary landmarks with a career in the tourism industry! There is a range of colleges around the country where you can train and qualify to realise your tour-guiding dreams. Upon successful completion of the programme you will be awarded the QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award in National Tour Guiding and will automatically qualify for the Fáilte Ireland National Tour Guide badge.

As a National Tour Guide, you will need to have an understanding of the tourist industry as a whole. Your training will arm you with the necessary information and skills to navigate this industry with ease. The course will give you the opportunity to learn about Irish tourism through core modules like, Irish Culture & National Heritage, National Tour Management and Irish Tour Guiding. These central elements of the programme will provide you with the necessary foundation to work as a tour guide in Ireland.

In addition to this, you will study courses that will complement your core classes and help you flourish as a tour guide. Many colleges offer modules in Digital Marketing, Business Management and Customer Relations, which are essential in setting you up for success in an industry with people at the heart of it. These subjects also offer the potential to build up your transferrable knowledge and skills, which you can apply to any career you pursue in the future! It's a win-win!

Many of these courses begin in September, but summertime is a great opportunity to build up experience in the industry. The summer months will be the busiest for the tourism industry and there are always many seasonable jobs available. Why not make a list of your favourite tourist sites to visit and see if the need any extra staff? Whether it's a visitor centre, a pop-up , or even an adventure park, there's bound to be an opportunity for your to get your start in the Irish tourism industry. Those with language skills are particularly attractive to employers in the tourism industry, so if you're multilingual, this could be the ideal career for you!. 

The QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award in National Tour Guiding course is run by the following colleges:

To learn more about being a Tour Guide, click here.



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