How a Degree in Arts and Humanities can translate to a Career

Diverse Arts Subject Choices Can Unlock Many Different Career Pathways

How a Degree in Arts and Humanities can translate to a Career

October 15th is World Student’s Day. One of the staples of universities and higher education institutes which always attracts a high number of students is the faculty of arts and humanities.

Undergraduate degrees in Arts are traditionally one of the most populated college courses and this in part is due to the vast array of subjects available.

These subjects cover an extremely diverse range of areas from the likes of English, History and Foreign languages to Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Law, Music and Psychology to name but a few.

There are currently over 200 arts and humanities based courses across higher education institutes in Ireland and for many these are seen as essential pathways in to postgraduate education and a wide spectrum of career choices.

2018 saw over 7,000 undergraduate students receive certification in arts and humanities disciplines all across higher learning institutes in Ireland.

University College Dublin (UCD) take the largest number of Arts undergraduate students into their universtiy on an annual basis. They are home to a worldrenowned community of more than 200 academics and researchers who can help you to acquire expertise in your subjects of choice. Most Irish universities offer a broad range of arts subjects to choose from with the likes of UCD offering 27 different subjects, which can be studied through three distinct BA degree courses: Joint Honours, Humanities and Modern Languages. They are ranked 49th in the world for English Language and Literature, and in the top 100 universities for History (QS World Rankings 2019).

UCD have compiled an extensive list of career options which illustrates the choices available to students from an arts degree which is very useful.  This list is applicable to student who might be considering studying arts in any college across the country.

While many of the options above may require postgraduate study, the transferrable skills which you will have learnt in your undergraduate arts course will stand to you in pursing your future career.  Employers are really interested in employing candidates from a diverse educational background who can demonstrate not only academic qualifications but more importantly,  the skills needed to utilise them.

More information on arts and humanities programmes throughout Ireland, including CAO point requirements, can be found using the CareersPortal CourseFinder by clicking here.

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