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The Linguistic's interests are usually focused on ideas and information exchange. They tend to like reading a lot, and enjoy discussion about what has been said. Some will want to write about their own ideas and may follow a path towards journalism, story writing or editing. Others will develop skills in other languages, perhaps finding work as a translator or interpreter. Most Linguistic types will enjoy the opportunity to teach or instruct people in a topic they are interested in.

Salary Range
€16k - €25k
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In Summary - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

Enlists in the Air Corps to train as a pilot flying both conventional and combat aircraft.

Career Sectors

Air Corps Cadet - Pilots typically work in the following Career Sectors:

The Defence Forces
Security, Defence & Law Enforcement

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Oisin McGrath, Lieutenant - Pilot - Air Corp

Oisin McGrath is a pilot in the Irish Air Corp. He studied and completed Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in University of Limerick, and applied to the Air Corp in his final year in college. He now flies regularly on a variety of missions and is trained to fly on a number of different aircraft.

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The Work - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

The main role of the Air Corps is to provide support to the Army, Naval Service and the Garda Siochana in countering threats to State security on land, sea and air. In addition, the day-to-day peace time role of the Air Corps includes activities such as Ministerial air transport, maritime surveillance, fishery protection, search and rescue and air ambulance.   
The Air Corps trains its own pilot officers, aircraft mechanics, air traffic controllers, air photographers and general service personnel. Air Corps personnel may serve overseas with United Nations Peacekeeping Forces.

Interests - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

This occupation is typically suited for people with the following Career Interests:


Realists are usually interested in 'things' - such as buildings, mechanics, equipment, tools, electronics etc. Their primary focus is dealing with these - as in building, fixing, operating or designing them. Involvement in these areas leads to high manual skills, or a fine aptitude for practical design - as found in the various forms of engineering.

Realists like to find practical solutions to problems using tools, technology and skilled work. Realists usually prefer to be active in their work environment, often do most of their work alone, and enjoy taking decisive action with a minimum amount of discussion and paperwork.


The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with sophiscticated technology. These types prefer mentally stimulating environments and often pay close attention to developments in their chosen field.


The Air Corps Cadet needs to be physically fit, enthusiastic and be able to work well within a team. Good leadership skills are important. To apply they must be over 17 years and under 25 years. Height must be either 5' 4'' or over. Normal colour vision is essential. Applicants must complete a detailed medical examination and basic fitness test.

Entry Requirements - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

The Defence Forces offer a Cadetship in the Air Corps where they train you and contract you for minimum of ten years. All Air Corps Cadets undergo a course of training of approximately 21 months duration.

Note: Cadetships with the Defence Forces are currently on hold due to the Public Sector recruitment embargo. This may change with economic and other conditions.

When appointments are available, competitions for Cadetships are advertised on the Defence Forces careers area and on the Defence Forces website. Campaigns may also appear in the national newspapers.

Eligible candidates will be requested to attend for preliminary interview at one of the selected locations around the country. Candidates who reach a satisfactory standard at this interview will be required to attend for assessment tests and a medical examination. Subject to the outcome of the tests and medical examination he/she may be required to attend for interview by the Final Interview Board.

A candidate found suitable at the Final Interview for a Cadetship will be required to undergo a medical examination by the Civil Aviation Medical Board before being granted a Cadetship in the Air Corps. Cadetships are awarded to qualified candidates by the Minister for Defence, whose decision is final.   
During the term of the Cadetship the character of the Cadet is trained and moulded with the object of developing his/her powers of leadership, initiative and general ability.   

A Cadet is entitled to free accommodation, meals and medical treatment.

At the end of your contracted time with the Air Corps, you can move on to an airline as a pilot with flying experience.

Last Updated: March, 2015

Pay & Salary - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

Salary Range (thousands per year)* €16k - €25k

Data Source(s):

Last Updated: April, 2015

* The lower figures typically reflect starting salaries. Higher salaries are awarded to those with greater experience and responsibility. Positions in Dublin sometimes command higher salaries.

Labour Market Updates - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

This occupational group includes army personnel, fire and prison service officers. No shortages have been identified for this occupation.

National Skills Bulletin 2018

Useful Contacts - Air Corps Cadet - Pilot

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