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The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with sophiscticated technology. These types prefer mentally stimulating environments and often pay close attention to developments in their chosen field.

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Career Interests: R I C
Level 8/9 Degree in Engineering

Invents new training equipment, better ways to measure performance and even fabrication of performance clothing.

Career Interests: I R A
Career Interests: A R 
Leaving Certificate + Further training

Responsible for keeping the bedrooms and public areas clean and perfectly maintained, and for the running of the laundry in hotels, cruise ships and other hospitality venues. 

Career Interests: L I S
Leaving Certificate + Relevant experience. 3rd Level award recommended.

Reports news, sport & fashion information for newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.

Career Interests: R A 

Works in clothing factories preparing fabric for the next stage of manufacture or finished clothes ready for packing.

Career Interests: I R A
Career Interests: R A 
No formal education requirements

Works in a kitchen helping a chef or cook with the day to day cleaning and preparation duties.

Career Interests: N I A
Leaving Cert plus further training

Operates a variety of commercial grass cutting machinery and other equipment in amenity horticulture environment e.g. sports ground maintenance.

Career Interests: R  
Career Interests: A E 
Leaving Certificate plus professional award.

Maintains knowledge of tax code changes and of accounting procedures and theory to properly evaluate financial information. Makes tax returns on behalf of clients.

Career Interests: I R A
Level 6 Certificate or higher

Works in a laboratory assisting scientific and technical staff with day to day duties.

Career Interests: A E 
Level 7/8 Degree + professional qualifications

Prepares the insurance claim on behalf of the insured and negotiates the best terms for settlement.

Career Interests: C I A
Level 5 or 6 award along with on-the-job training required

Designs and creates an app for just about any computing device, from desktop computers to mobile devices. Once the app exists, the developer will help test it and correct any bugs prior to the launch of the app.

Career Interests: A E 
Level 6 Cert + Professional qualification

Prepares and provides financial records and information for both accountants and financial managers.

Career Interests: S A 
<p>Level 7 Degree or greater.</p>

Works with individuals, families or whole communities to empower them to improve their lives.

Career Interests: E S 
Formal education not essential. though many entrants will have a degree

Democratically elected by the public to represent the views, concerns and ideas of the members of a constituency.

Career Interests: I R A

Researches and develops ways to make products from raw materials, solving problems and making improvements in existing processes.

Career Interests: A E 
Leaving Certificate plus Professional award (PLC or Level 7 Ordinary Degree level courses).

Responsible for the daily processing of invoices and other financial transactions.

Career Interests: E A 
Level 7/8 Degree + professional qualifications

Responsible for ensuring the company or organisation operates within the law in relation to financial and legal practices.

Career Interests: R A 
Career Interests: A S 
Level 6 Cert or greater

Ensures the smooth operation and control of the accounts, including expenses and general ledger systems.

Career Interests: A I L
Level 6 Cert or greater
Works closely with solicitors dealing with legal documents.
Career Interests: A E R

Works to efficiently co-ordinate the day-to-day operations of the whole TV/Film production team.

Career Interests: E A S
Career Interests: A E S
Level 6 Cert or greater

Assists in the management, prioritisation and allocation of work as leader of an Accounts Department.

Career Interests: E I L
Degree + further training.

Gives specialist advice on complex legal issues and represents people in court.

Career Interests: A R L
Leaving Cert or greater

Assistants in the EU work in supporting roles and are crucial for the internal management of the EU institutions.

Career Interests: C E A

Has overall responsibility in the film and television industry for creating the style of a production and establishing and planning the visual design.

Career Interests: A E 
Career Interests: C L E
No formal education requirements.

Acts the part of a character in plays productions and advertisements for film, TV, radio and theatre.

Career Interests: N  
Career Interests: A I E
<p>Level 8 Honours Degree that involves maths as a major subject plus Professional body award.</p>

Uses mathematical and statistical methods to assess financial probabilities for projects found mainly in the insurance industry.

Career Interests: I R N
Level 7 or 8 Degree in Engineering

Works on ways of producing energy from renewable or sustainable sources such as wind power, solar power or biofuels, or on more traditional sources such as oil and gas.

Career Interests: R I A
Career Interests: S R I
Leaving Certificate plus Holistic medical qualification.

Treats people who are sick by inserting needles into special areas of the body to relieve pain and sickness.

Career Interests: A E 
Leaving Certificate

Works in the offices of a legal firm dealing with legal documents and general office duties.

Career Interests: S E A
Level 7/8 Degree in Law or Social Science

Works to ensure there is no discrimination regarding access to employment, education, training opportunities or service for any groups of people such as women, older people or ethnic minorities.

Career Interests: A R I
Career Interests: S A 
Varies from centre to centre but usually the assistant will be the holder of a PLC course certificat

Assists with the daily operations of recreational facility, ensures safety, encouraging participation, and administering first aid as required.

Career Interests: E S A
Level 7/8 Degree
Responsible for organising and running all kinds of promotional, corporate and social events.
Career Interests: R  

Quarry workers operate the machinery used in quarries to crush and transport rocks and minerals.

Career Interests: R  
Career Interests: E C A
Leaving Certificate plus professional award

Creates an advertising campaign for a client. Work involves marketing and packaging of products, market research, exhibitions and public relations services.

Career Interests: E A S
Level 6 Cert or greater

Supervises and manages the running of all kinds of recreation facilities.

Career Interests: A E 
Level 6 Cert or greater + experience

Works with a company helping to pursue new, international markets for their products. The work involves identifying potential clients, establishing contacts and bridging a language or culture gap to establish a trading partnership.

Career Interests: E A S
Career Interests: E C L
Level 6 Cert or greater

Spend their time brainstorming, planning and arranging ideas for new advertisements.

Career Interests: A I E
Degree + Postgrad

Supervises and manages the running and organisation of a library, museum or collections of documents or other media.

Career Interests: R E A
Level 7/8 Degree
Ensures that buildings and the services within the buildings meet the needs of the tenants, owners and users as efficiently, safely and cost effectively as possible.
Career Interests: I E S

A Reflexologist using alternative medicine methods involving precise pressure techniques to the feet to treat specific points which correspond to all organs and systems of the body, claiming to heal physical complaints and aid general wellbeing.

Career Interests: R  
Career Interests: S R E
Minimum qualification of Leaving Certificate plus NCEF cert.

Teaches, trains and demonstrates aerobic and anaerobic fitness methods to music.

Career Interests: A R S
Leaving Certificate + on-the-job training

Work within libraries under the supervision of the Librarian.

Career Interests: R  

Refuse collectors remove waste and rubbish from houses, factories, hospitals, shops, etc.

Career Interests: I R 
Engineering Degree

Employed in the designing, testing and making of aircraft engines and other such aeronautical productions.

Career Interests: R S 
No formal education requirements

Supervises and provides safety at swimming areas including beaches, swimming pools and lakes.

Career Interests: I A 
Level 7 or 8 Degree in Computer Science

Investigates computer-based crime and gathers evidence to help build a case against suspected individuals or criminal networks.

Career Interests: E C A

Sell advertising space and time for newspapers, magazines, websites and on radio and television.

Career Interests: R  

Reprographics operatives operate photocopiers and print finishing machines. Following instructions about customers' requirements, they set up and adjust machines for each job.

Career Interests: E R S
Career Interests: C R 
No formal education requirements
Sets up, rigs and controls lighting equipment for shows and events on stage, film or television.
Career Interests: E S A
Leaving Cert or greater
Responsible for raising as much money as possible for a charity. You must constantly think of new and imaginative ways to generate income and raise awareness of your charity's work.
Career Interests: R  

Plan and install aerials, satellite and digital dishes to provide signals for individual homes, or buildings such as hotels and flats

Career Interests: S R I

Respiratory physiology technicians use technical equipment to measure the function and efficiency of a patient's breathing system.

Career Interests:   


Career Interests: I N R

Works on the design and development of new agricultural methods, machinery, and systems towards solving problems facing the global ecosystem.

Career Interests: L I 
Degree (Linguistics/Languages)

Studies and analyses languages and the science of verbal communication.

Career Interests: S C I
Level 8 Honours Degree is expected. No set study area specified.

Works in 3rd level colleges and universities providing information and guidance to students considering educational progression or into employment.

Career Interests: R I A

Supports technical work with farm machinery in a wide variety of areas, including the development and testing of new products for the farming industry, service engineering to install, repair and maintain equipment.

Career Interests: C E R

Creates displays for the windows and departments of retail outlets to attract customers into the shop.

Career Interests: A R 

Manages the stock of goods and supplies of a business, overseeing incoming and outgoing shipments on a day to day basis.

Career Interests: N I A
A Degree in agriculture with work experience.

Supervises departmental staff and monitors the implementation of various Government schemes relating to Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Career Interests: I N R
Level 6/7 Degree +
Supports the work of professional geoscientists by collecting and analysing information from rock samples.
Career Interests: R  

They are responsible for checking luggage against flight lists and taking it to the aircraft or to the reclaim conveyor belt.

Career Interests: I R A
Level 8 Honours Degree in Science

Studies the make-up and behaviour of chemicals, the way they react with each other and how they can be used in industrial processes such as producing plastics, pharmaceuticals or silicon chips.

Career Interests: A S 

Provides information for passengers and the general public at an airport information desk.

Career Interests: E A R

Retail store demonstrators promote and sell a particular product within a supermarket or department store.

Career Interests: A R 

Transport Planners develop long term strategies to ensure transportation networks meet the needs of those dependent on a transportation provider or network.

Career Interests: A N 
Leaving Certificate + professional award (i.e. Teagasc) or 3rd level qualification in Agriculture.

Carries out various functions related to services and schemes operated by the Department of Agriculture in addition to operating controls relating to animal welfare, public health, animal health and EU payment schemes.

Career Interests: E I A
Level 8 Honours Degree + further professional qualification
Works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems.
Career Interests: R S I

Looks after and breeds laboratory animals used in medical, veterinary and dental research.

Career Interests: S A R

Road Safety Officers (RSOs) encourage the public to become safer road users through education, training and publicity campaigns.

Career Interests: N E C

An Executive Chef is the leader in charge of everything that goes out of the kitchen and maintains full control of the kitchen staff at all times.

Career Interests: C S E
Typically follows on from beauty therapy training. On-the-job training from starting as a trainee

Uses make-up to either enhance or characterise a persons features for on stage, film or television.

Career Interests: E S I
Level 6 Cert or greater

Provides detailed information about a products technical specifications and suitability to a customer's needs.

Career Interests: R I 

Works on a commercial honey farm looking after hives of bees where honey is made, collected and sold.

Career Interests: A R E

Transport Administrators carry out a variety of administrative tasks for bus, coach or road haulage companies.

Career Interests:   
Career Interests: E I A
Degree + Professional Exam

Provides professional management advice and direction to businesses and associations.

Career Interests: S I A
Level 7 Degree in Training or Computer related area

Designs and delivers training courses in information and communications technology (ICT) including desktop applications and company-specific software.

Career Interests: S C 

Teach a wide range of art, design and craft skills to students.

Career Interests: E A 

Works in either passenger or freight transport with responsiblity for managing budgets, organising schedules and routes and ensuring that vehicles are safe.

Career Interests:   
Career Interests: R I 
Junior/Leaving Certificate

Employed by the Irish Air Corps to learn a specialist skill or trade relevant to the efficient running of the Corps.

Career Interests: E A S
No formal education requirements

Responsible for the overall business performance of a company.

Career Interests: R A 

Work to fit components together to make products in a range of industries, such as furniture making, electronics or automotive supplies

Career Interests:   
Career Interests: R I 
Leaving Certificate. Many successful applicants are degree holders.

Enlists in the Air Corps to train as a pilot flying both conventional and combat aircraft.

Career Interests: R I N
Junior Certificate or higher + Further Training

Works on the design, development, production, maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment used at sea and on board sea vessels such as ships.

Career Interests: S N R
Level 6 Cert or greater

Uses fingers, hands or elbows to stroke, knead and manipulate soft body tissue and bring mental and physical health benefits to clients.