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UL Supports - First Seven Weeks

Posted on August 9, 2019

Here at UL, we are committed to supporting all first years to settle into life at third level. Coming into university is a transition in everyone’s life and that transition takes time and adjustment. Deirdre Murphy is our First Year Support Coordinator. Deirdre is here to help if you begin to experience doubts or are having difficulties settling in making or positive progress in your course. To find out more, email: or tel: 061-202613

Unique in Ireland, UL’s First Seven Weeks programme will provide strong, targeted support to you during the very early weeks of your time as a UL student. During these first seven weeks, each week has its own theme around various issues that we know are important for settling in and thriving as a higher education student.

Week 1 WELCOME, SETTLING IN, FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND FSW Guides at the entrance to all buildings Maps information and updates available at The Hub and on facebook

Week 2 STUDY SKILLS AND TIME MANAGEMENT Set up good study patterns and manage your time well.

Week 3 MEET YOUR ADVISOR WEEK This week pays special attention to health and wellbeing, encouraging you to make deliberate efforts to focus on staying well and being healthy.

Week 4 HEALTH AND WELLBEING WEEK We want to make sure that all new students have met their advisor by this week, so that if you haven’t done that during earlier weeks, this is the time! Drop into The Hub for assistance.

Week 5 LEARNER SUPPORT CENTRES Centre for Teaching & Learning Mathematics Learning Centre ECE Student Support Centre Regional Writing Centre ICT Learning Centre Science Learning Centre

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Week 6 CAREER, CIVIC ENGAGEMENT and VOLUNTEERING AWARENESS This week will encourage you to start developing a career and civic outlook; focus on professional skills and an emphasis on becoming engaged citizens.

Week 7 CRITICAL THINKING AND LONGER TERM PLANNING This week will shine a light on the importance of “critical thinking” as a major element of successful engagement with learning at UL; getting you to think about your longer term engagement with your studies at UL.

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