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Monaghan Institute Software Development students visit MoffetAS in Clontibret

Posted on September 13, 2019

Monaghan Institute Level 5 Software Development students continue to develop links with industry. On Monday 9th September, QQI Level 5 Software Development & Games Design students visited MoffetAS in Clontibret to gain direct experience of Automation Systems development. Continuing a development of direct links from industry to education, Sam Moffett invited the Monaghan Institute students to the research, design and development site for the new innovative MoffettAS warehousing solutions.

Sam provided the students with a full working demonstration of the warehouse automated system, defining the logistics and problem solving required to develop an operational shuttle which can be programmed to perform fully automated tasks 24/7. The visit was completed on the first week of the students commencing their study of Software Development in Monaghan Institute.

The fundamentals of project management, software development and algorithms was evident for the students to identify in the OEM product. The students received a development overview from lead programmer Joonas, who outlined the software development kit used as he completed a testing phase of the software development lifecycle. The critical thinking and analytical skills developed through learning algorithms, coding, programming and software development was displayed, as Joonas defined the Mathematical logic and calculation required to underpin the basic movements of a shuttle through an automated system.

The combination of network connectivity and algorithms to control and maintain the system while a database server could maintain the logistics logs and enable a graphical user front end for the customer to interface with the MoffettAS solution. The mixture of engineering disciplines was also confirmed as the mechanical engineering, pneumatics and structural development of the full warehousing system was displayed by the MoffettAS development team.

All of the modules which the students study through Monaghan Institute QQI Level 5 and Level 6 Software development were displayed in the visit to MoffettAS, with many of the students feeling overawed at the complexity and engineering detail of the system displayed to them. The feedback in the classroom was positive as the students associated their classroom-based learning to real world problem solving. Monaghan Institute appreciated the opportunity afforded to them from Sam at MoffettAS and also the indication that MoffettAS will aim to employ local Monaghan people wherever possible and the potential of MoffettAS as a new innovative company developing solutions for future industries.

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