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The Social person's interests focus on interacting with the people in their environment. In all cases, the Social person enjoys the personal contact with other people in preference to the impersonal dealings with things, data and ideas found in other groups.

Many will seek out positions where there is direct contact with the public in some advisory role, whether a receptionist or a counsellor. Social people are motivated by an interest in different types of people and like diversity in their work environments. Many are drawn towards careers in the caring professions and social welfare area, whilst others prefer teaching and other 'informing' roles.

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Worksheets and Lesson Plans

The following are some useful downloadable resources for Senior Cycle students.

Most worksheets and lesson plans have been designed for use in the post primary school setting for use by Guidance Counsellors in a classroom setting. 

Career Interests
An introduction to the concept of Career Interests with descriptions and links. Use of the Interest Profiler requires the user to register (free). Can be used for matching Occupations and CAO and PLC courses.
  Create a new account for a user  New Registration (opens in new window)
Go the the Career Interests section of the site  Career Interests - Web Section

The following downloadable worksheets introduce the notion of career interest categories in an interactive classroom based setting.
Lesson Plan [pdf - 236Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Community Project Exercise [pdf - 97Kb, 1 page]

Industry Sectors (Career categories) 
Provides a basic introduction to 32 industry sectors. Each sector has associated up-to-date news, occupations, courses, and more.

The following downloadable worksheets enable students do a 'Sector Investigation' and present finding back to the class.
Lesson Plan [pdf - 236Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Career Sectors [pdf - 215Kb, 2 pages] 
Worksheet - Sector Investigation [pdf - 95Kb, 1 page]

Career Investigation
  Go to the A-Z Occupations Search Page  Career Explorer
View a list of Occupations identified by the Expert Skills Group as being in demand in the comming years  Jobs in Demand
Go to a list of Job Holder Video and Career Interviews  Career Interviews with Jobholders (Videos - Interviews)

Worksheet designed to hold information collected during a career investigation, e.g. as used in the LCVP
  Worksheet - Career Investigation [pdf - 158Kb, 2 pages]

Learning Skills 
A series of downloadable resources designed to facilitate student learning and goal setting during 5th and 6th year. Includes online Study Skills Test.

Go to Learning Skills Programme


Workbook - Learning Skills [pdf - 800Kb, 4 pages]
Worksheet - Results Targets [pdf - 252Kb, 2 pages] (Current 6th Yrs)
Worksheet 1 - Place of Study [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page] 
Worksheet 2 - Organisation [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet 3 - Motivation & Goal Setting [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet 4 - Reading Skills [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet 5 - Note Taking Skills [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet 6 - Revising and Exam Preparation [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet 7 - Exam Performance [pdf - 80Kb, 1 page]

Worksheets 1-7 [pdf - 340Kb, 7 pages]

Work Experience Programme Resources

We suggest giving each student a copy of the Student Worksheet, and a copy of the Parent Guide for their parents. 
For Employers new to offering a work placement, we recommend passing on the Employers Guide. 
For Teachers new to work placements we recommend the Teachers Guide 
The Student Worksheet is designed to help prepare for a work placement in advance.
The Summary Worksheet is designed to summarise experience obtained during a work placement.


Worksheet - Student Worksheet [pdf - 554Kb, 4 pages]
Worksheet - Parents Guidelines [pdf - 525Kb, 4 pages]
Worksheet - Employers Guidelines [pdf - 830Kb, 7 pages]
Worksheet - Teachers Guidelines [pdf - 480Kb, 8 pages]
Worksheet - Work Placement Summary [pdf - 88Kb, 1 page]

Career Skills Self-Assessment
Introduces the topic of transferable skills. Includes Self-assessment exercise on 26 key employability skills.

  Worksheet - Career Skills Self-Assessment [pdf - 540Kb, 4 pages]

National Career Skills Competition
Introduces the topic of transferable skills. Includes self-assessment exercise on 26 key skills. CareerSkills competition is for 2nd Level (TY & Leaving Certs) and FET Students. 


Go to the CareerSkills section of thei site  CareerSkills Competition

Go to the Career Skills section of this site  CareerSkills - Web Section
Worksheet - Career Skills Self-Assessment [pdf - 540Kb, 4 pages] 
Worksheet - Career Skills Self-Assessment - Irish [pdf - 560Kb, 4 pages]

Lesson Plan - Career Skills [pdf - 194Kb, 2 pages]  
Worksheet - Job Roles 1 - 10 [pdf - 464Kb, 10 pages]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Hospital [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Band [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Airline [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Hotel [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Supermarket [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Hairdresser [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Sports Team [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Restaurant [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Construction Site [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Secondary School [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Job Roles - Blank [pdf - 150Kb, 1 page]

Finding CAO Courses 
We maintain our own CAO and PLC database to allow full integration with all aspects of our site. All courses are linked directly to college websites. Extensive filters are available to refine your course choices. 


Worksheet - CAO Course Investigation Form [pdf - 133Kb, 1 page]

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