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Enterprising people like situations that involve using resources for personal or corporate economic gain. Such people may have an opportunistic frame of mind, and are drawn to commerce, trade and making deals. Some pursue sales and marketing occupations. Many will eventually end up owning their own business, or in management roles in larger organisations. They tend to be very goal-oriented and work best when focused on a target. Some have an entrepreneurial inclination.

About EU Jobs

About EU Jobs

"The EU is currently facing unprecedented challenges. Now more than ever, it is imperative that talented and ambitious young Irish people pursue a career in the EU Institutions and rise through the ranks, taking opportunities to make a real difference in shaping the lives of EU citizens. Ireland remains a committed member of the EU and our future lies firmly within it, so I encourage you all to consider a career in this field".

Enda Kenny TD, former Taoiseach

The European Union offers ambitious and talented people an exciting international career at the heart of a fast-moving, multinational environment and the chance to make a real and lasting difference.

The EU’s Institutions are always on the lookout for people who are skilled, ready for a challenge and who want to make a difference. Since Ireland became a member of the EU in 1973, Irish citizens have been working in the EU and have managed to secure some of the highest positions available.

Did you know ...

There have been five Secretaries-General of the European Commission (that’s the highest-ranking civil servant in the Commission) and to date, two of them – David O’Sullivan and Catherine Day – were Irish.


Looking for a challenging career in a dynamic environment?

The European Union Institutions offer an international career to ambitious and capable people. Based in the heart of Europe, you will encounter a fast-moving international environment. The EU Institutions serve 505 million people in 28 member states, so you can expect exceptional scope and scale.

Applications from Ireland

In recent years, the level of awareness of career opportunities in the EU institutions has dropped and the number of applications from Ireland has fallen. Typically, applications from Ireland for the annual graduate in-take have amounted to 500, or less. 

If you are a final year student or graduate, you can apply for entry-level positions in various fields, which are the starting point to an exciting and truly European career.

The EU Institutions regularly recruit for Graduates with work experience, administrative personnel and experienced professionals in a wide range of fields. Whether you are a final-year student in a university or college, a graduate, or a professional with years of experience, there is a role suitable for you in the EU. 

Depending on your skills, experience and job description, you can work on things as varied as drafting policies and implementing EU law, managing projects, developing communication strategies, translating, interpreting or providing legal advice.

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