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The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with sophiscticated technology. These types prefer mentally stimulating environments and often pay close attention to developments in their chosen field.

Career opportunities with a Foreign Language in Law & Legal


University courses such as Law & French or Law & Spanish combining law with a language makes it possible for you to become a lawyer with specific linguistic skills. This means you can progress further towards a career in law, or you can pursue a career in linguistics, translation or teaching. Many of these graduates often go on to work abroad in international or EU firms and institutions.

European integration and globalisation mean that there is a need for lawyers with an education geared for an international mindset. The Europeanisation of legal practice means that graduates of the law and a language degree programmes have access to legal and other professions in Ireland, as well as career opportunities in Europe. 

Law and languages graduates also find employment in business, journalism, accountancy, banking, insurance, politics, foreign affairs, and diplomatic and public services. A background in law is attractive to the employer who is looking for high-calibre graduates. To have language skills to go with it enhances your chances of an interesting career.

Lawyer-linguists are a category of lawyers at the European Court of Justice who are legal experts with very good language skills. EU lawyer-linguists ensure that all new legislation has the same meaning in every European language. The job requires capable lawyers with outstanding linguistic abilities, who are experienced in drafting or translating, checking or revising legal texts. Lawyer-linguists must be able to know precisely what EU legislation is intended to do, and faithfully reflect that intention in their own native language.

If you are heritage language speaker who speaks for example Polish or Russian at home, you can tap into the community and build a database of clients who are looking for legal advice in their home language.