Eli Lilly

About Us

Eli Lilly and Company are a global business that have been in business for over 140 years. We focus on five core global business areas: bio-medicines, diabetes, oncology, emerging markets and animal health. We also continue to pursue innovative science and new opportunities beyond our targeted disease categories.

Our headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A. We employ over 38,000 people worldwide. Today, Eli Lilly and Company employs over 1000 people in Ireland spread between Sales and Marketing, Medical, Manufacturing and Shared Services for Lilly’s global organisation.

We operate from 3 locations in Ireland, Cork, Kinsale and Dublin.

  • Lilly’s Irish affiliate is based in Dublin and was established over thirty years ago to provide research-based prescription only medicines to patients in Ireland. 
  • The mission of the Kinsale facility is to support the development, manufacture and supply of many of the medicines in Lilly’s portfolio. The site uses advanced chemical and biological processes to produce a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients. 
  • Cork is home to our Global Business Solutions Centre focussing on innovation and development. Our service offering has grown with expansion into non-financial areas such as Global Travel and Meeting Services,HR Data Operations and Customer Meeting Services, Medical Information, Global Customer Operations and a Content Management Hub. 

Why choose us?

At Lilly, we believe our people are the source of all our successes. Our future depends on our global community of employees whose varied perspectives, experiences and skills fuel the creativity for pharmaceutical innovation.

Lilly has major research and development facilities in nine countries and conducts clinical trials in more than 50 countries globally – all in support of developing and producing the medicines that help improve lives around the world.

Innovation may be what defines us, but even more important is the way in which we conduct business. These are the values that form the foundation of our company:

  • Respect for people, which includes our concern for the interests of all people worldwide who touch – or are touched by – our company: customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and communities.
  • Integrity that embraces the very highest standards of honesty, ethical behaviour and exemplary moral character.
  • Excellence that is reflected in our continuous search for new ways to improve the performance of our business to become the best at what we do.
  • At Lilly, we’re all about helping people live healthy, happy lives. And we want the same for our employees. To that end, we believe in rewards and balance. The benefits we provide are designed to give you exactly that.
  • We believe in compensation that truly expresses appreciation for your contributions. As for our benefits packages, we believe they should answer your needs and wishes for the way you want to lead your life at work - and outside of it. You will find benefits that advance your career. Strengthen your financial well-being. Aid you in health matters. And encourage time away from work for self-enrichment.

Who we Employ

We employ a diverse range of people with varied skills and professions across the 3 locations in Ireland. Opportunities will exist on an ongoing basis for employees with varied background such as;

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Medical
  • Customer Support
  • Information Technology
  • Purchasing
  • Science

Many of our roles require proficiency in languages such as French, German and Nordic languages.