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The Linguistic's interests are usually focused on ideas and information exchange. They tend to like reading a lot, and enjoy discussion about what has been said. Some will want to write about their own ideas and may follow a path towards journalism, story writing or editing. Others will develop skills in other languages, perhaps finding work as a translator or interpreter. Most Linguistic types will enjoy the opportunity to teach or instruct people in a topic they are interested in.

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Protecting the Enviroment

Protecting the Enviroment

The environment is protected by changing the behaviour of individuals and companies to act in a way more conscious of the surrounding world and by laws and regulations controlling how people interact with the environment.

In Ireland there are several agencies devoted to protecting the environment. These include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which enforces environmental legislation, gathers data on the state of the environment and advocates for environmental sustainability.

The EPA operates under the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, which looks out for Ireland’s natural resources and most importantly the action Ireland is taking on tackling climate change. There are a range of national parks, conservation areas and nature reserves in Ireland overseen by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Conservation is the action humanity takes to protect the enviroment. It includes caring for wildlife and managing natural resources in a sustainable manner, ensuring that the environment thrives in the generations ahead.

People active in conservation focus on finding a balance between human activity and the natural world. As conservation requires active steps by individuals and society it can involve education and advocacy efforts as well as working directly with natural habitats.

Many people working in conservation work for the government with NGOs the other major employer. Working in conservation could invlove solving the plight of fish populations in the Atlantic, dealing with deforestation or ensuring that people recycle more.

As a conservationist you might be working out in the field and actively taking measures to protect the conservation area, educating the local community on how best to conserve their local environment or liaising with the local council, planners and developers on the most environmentally friendly methods of construction.

Most working in the area will have studied in a specific specialist area, such as biology, ecology, environmental science or environmental economics. Your main motivation for working in this sector should be having a positive impact on the environment.

Occupations in Protecting the Enviroment
(sorted by Job Zone)

Forest Worker

Works in a forest helping the Forest Officer with the maintenance of the forest.

Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultants advise on such areas as pollution, contaminated land and environmental policy.

Environmental Technician

Works to maintain and develop technologies used in the protection and management of our environment.

Forest Manager/Forester

In charge of the management, maintenance and planting of forest plantations.

Conservation Officer - Nature

Manages the local environment towards preserving and protecting areas of natural beauty and promoting biodiversity.

Recycling Officer
Responsible for planning and developing local environmental and waste reduction policies, and running recycling schemes.
Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers focus on projects related to natural resources rather than man-made projects and prioritise environmental protection and conservation in design and development projects.

Environmental Health Officer

Inspects and enforces health and hygiene standards in the community at large. Carries out inspections to ensure that health and safety regulations are being followed at work, and in public places such as leisure centres, shops and restaurants.

Environmental Officer

Monitors the environmental impact of the products and processes of an organisation. May also be directly involved in running an environmental management system.

Environmental Scientist

Studies the effects of human activities on the environment by conducting tests and analysing data.

Biosystems Engineer

Works on the design and development of new agricultural methods, machinery, and systems towards solving problems facing the global ecosystem.

Biological / Microbiological Scientist

Studies, analyses and collects information about both plant and animal life.

Studies the relationship between living creatures and their environment; from bacterial to global scales.