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Computing TY Week
Dundalk Institute of Technology

Company/Organisation Profile

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) has earned a reputation as the leading higher education provider in the North East of Ireland. The DkIT campus which is a 90-acre (360,000 m2) site, situated in Dundalk, County Louth is positioned halfway between the two largest cities on the island of Ireland, Belfast and Dublin (each approximately 80 kilometers away). 

Department of Computing and Mathematics

Our department offers courses in all traditional aspects of computing with themes ranging from software development to networking, as well as information technology support and management. We also offer courses in gaming technology and other aspects of interactive media, as well as supporting many courses throughout the Institute. Our courses attract a diverse set of people and are offered at various levels with entry points to suit all students.



Placement Details

TY Week offers Transition Year students the opportunity to experience life as a Computing student at 3rd Level.

The programme for TY Week, outlined below, covers 5 days of events over a number of weeks on campus.

  • Mini-Open Day: TY students are invited, along with 5th and 6th Year students, to attend the Institute as the Department of Computing & Mathematics in DkIT showcases its facilities and the types of programmes on offer from 10am-1pm. Attendees will be provided with an introduction to a wide spectrum of Computing modules and can take part in some practical tutorials.
  • TY Week: during these three-days, TY students will attend specific lectures (in the classroom) and accompanying tutorials (in the computer labs) conducted by DkIT students and/or lecturers.
  • Final Year Projects: TY students are invited to attend the presentations of Final Year Computing and Games Development students in DkIT as they showcase their project work.

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